J. Milton & Associates is more than just a real estate development company, it is a family business. It has contributed to the transformation of the South Florida skyline by deploying a broad definition of high-quality residential design and construction, at many economic levels. The shared resources of its multi-disciplinary team, across various divisions, contribute significantly to the rewarding lifestyles enjoyed by residents in its communities.

What began with Cuban-born architect José Milton, fifty years ago is today a fully integrated $3.5 billion organization that has enhanced Greater Miami with numerous landmark condominium towers and quality rental communities.

Equally important it is the well-being of local residents, the company’s public service contributions which reflect the long-held ethics and values.

J. Milton & Associates understand the wisdom of balancing vigorous commerce with conscientious public service. As a fully-established, multidimensional company, J. Milton & Associates prioritizes its carefully cultivated external partnerships with the financial community, institutional clients, and other associates. This inclusive philosophy results in the most distinctive, high-quality and enduring communities—as well as paving the way for exciting opportunities in the future. J. Milton & Associates does much more than construct buildings; it creates value-added lifestyles. Our developments are known for timeless design, quality craftsmanship, sensible utility, and carefully considered amenities—all undertaken with our signature hands-on approach. The synergy between J. Milton & Associates and the Greater Miami region results from generations of mutual admiration.

Underscoring Miami’s spectacular rise, J. Milton & Associates has evolved into a major market force in residential real estate development in the metropolitan region and throughout South Florida. The company is perfectly positioned to continue its leadership role as Miami achieves even greater international prominence in the years ahead.

We eagerly anticipate the challenges and rewards to come in the next half a century.
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